Wots Wot

48" Biplane, OS91 Surpass four-stroke

I built this model from the Chris Foss kit not long after it was first put on the market, so it has been around for a few years now.  I did make a number of changes to mine purely for personal preference. None of the changes alter the basic aerodynamic design.
I modified the top wing to bolt on rather than be held in place by rubber bands. It seems a strange design feature to have the, more vulnerable, bottom wing bolted in place and the top wing banded in place. I also saw a friend's Wots Wot which had the molded in plastic hooks for the bands on the top wing-seat break under the tension of the bands. (This happened in flight but only on one side) I also swept back the wings (a design option) despite my plans to use a heavy engine which could give problems with the model turning out nose heavy. I cut 1.25" off the nose to allow for this. I also removed the dihedral from the bottom wing so that both wings are the same. The shape of the tail plane and fin/rudder has been altered to resemble that of an Ultimate Biplane.
My Wots Wot  is powered by an OS 91 Surpass which hauls it round with great authority. Knife edge flight is one of my Wots Wot's specialty. Knife edge from take-off, knife edge loops, knife edge square loops, knife edge spins. Plus other tricks like flat spins in either direction, either way up. Any combination of loops, rolls or snap rolls. YIPPEE!!